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Alas, the new town sprawling all around is largely built in typical concrete Soviet style, now joined with glass-and-steel cubes celebrating the post-Soviet economic boom.

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Tallinn , the capital of Estonia, lies on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, only 70 km (43 mi) south of Helsinki.

At the historical and medieval heart of the city is the hill of Toompea, covered in cobbled streets and filled with medieval houses and alleyways.

Prices average €16-30 one way, depending on operator, season (summer costs more), day of week (Fri and Sat cost more) and time of day (to Tallinn in the morning and back in the evening is popular and hence more expensive).

Particularly popular are day cruises, which can go for as little as €19 return. The following companies operate ferries between Tallinn and Helsinki Tallink also offers a year-round daily overnight service from Stockholm taking 16 hours.

Tallinn then became a pawn in the geopolitical games of its big neighbours, passing into Swedish hands in 1561 and then to Russia under Peter the Great in 1710.

By World War I and the ensuing brief Estonian independence (starting 1918) Tallinn's population had reached 150,000.

The Soviet Union undertook a program of massive Slavic migration, and just over 36% of Tallinn's current inhabitants are of Russian ethnicity (compared to an average of 25% for the entire country).

On Aug 20, 1991, Estonia declared independence and Tallinn became its capital once again.

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Estonia was eventually occupied by the Soviet Union in 1940, only to be conquered by Nazi Germany (1941-44) and then retaken by the Soviets.

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