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There were also cooking cartoons that were longer and showed the Tamagotchi characters making a recipe.Unlike the family cartoons, these had speech bubbles showing what the characters were saying.

Both Mesutchi and Osutchi feature 31 characters each.

Four different generations, or TMPs, of Tamagotchi are available, but only the first one grows in a way that is affected by caretaking skills; the other three are linear.

It was released in Japan in 1996, then in America and Europe in 1997.

One of the adult characters was a "secret" character, which could eventually appear from one of the other adult characters if given a certain level of care.

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Notes: The original Tamagotchi was a virtual pet created in Japan by Akihiro Yokoi of Wi Z Co. It had one baby character, one toddler character, two teen characters, and seven adult characters, for a total of 11 characters.

In the Oceanic region, Version 5 was released with a Tamagotchi activity disc called "Tama DVD".

This DVD contained 9 "channels" containing various games and animations, as well as a quiz with songs at the end.

The Japanese edition was released on November 23, 2007, and globally as the V5 Familitchi in January 2008.

Notably, unlike the previous Tamagotchi Connection releases (after the Version 1), the Version 5 is a functionally identical translated release of its Japanese counterpart.

For the V5 global releases, the key loop is replaced with the house-shaped antenna, and the key chain varies between regions.

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