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Our beautiful and Skilled tantra massage therapists, who study the art, use specific sensual touches such as lightly running fingertips along the entire body to awaken to dormant energy field within the body, that allow trapped physical and mental pain to escape from the body, helping you to control your feelings through the good circulation of blood and energy of your Body.

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But as we grow, our ignorance, desire, attachment, fear and false images of others and ourselves tangle and tear the threads, disfiguring the fabric.

Tantra , or practice, reweaves the fabric and restores the original pattern. The profound science and practices pertaining to hatha yoga, pranayama, mudras, rituals, kundalini yoga, nada yoga, mantra, mandala, visualization of deities, alchemy, ayurveda, astrology, and hundreds of esoteric practices for generating worldly and spiritual prosperity blend perfectly in the tantric disciplines.

They have been carefully designed by experts in Oriental Massage combining with the sweetness and sensuality of Tantra.

Tantra Massage Bangkok uses the domain of sexual energy through masage to achieve a unique and unforgettable experience.

Although most people are drawn into spiritual beliefs and practices, they have a natural urge to fulfill their desires. Tantra itself means "to weave, to expand, and to spread," and according to tantric masters, the fabric of life can provide true and everlasting fulfillment only when all the threads are woven according to the pattern designated by nature.

With no way to reconcile these two impulses, they fall prey to guilt and self-condemnation or become hypocritical. When we are born, life naturally forms itself around that pattern.It is also often accused of being a kind of black magic.However, in reality, tantra is one of the most important Indian traditions, representing the practical aspect of the Vedic tradition.Generally, Hindu tantrics worship either Goddess Shakti or Lord Shiva.refers to the science of mystic sound and vibrations.In Indian villages, tantrics are still easy to find.

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