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Notwithstanding, Jake’s movie roles do not define who he is in real life.

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Then, there’s that dramatic relationship with Taylor Swift.

We explore the fascinating facts about the personal life of Jake Gyllenhaal and every other detail you might find intriguing.

There are a lot of beautiful women, there are opportunities, but I think at the same time, if you find the right person, I believe in monogamy, I believe in when you meet somebody who is right it will be right and you will stay there." Indeed, less than a month after he and Swift split, a source told ) in late January 2012 that all the couple's on-again-off-again drama really damaged Swift. He totally screwed with her mind," the source said, adding, "She doesn't know how to meet anybody new." She later told ), "I think once a relationship is done it's done, you can't do that back and forth thing — it's the most exhausting process.

I think you have to have somebody that's dependable, that isn't going to change their mind every five seconds." Swift admitted to that her collaboration with Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody, "The Last Time," was inspired by an intense on-again-off-again romance that occurred around the time she was with Gyllenhaal.

For most, if not all thespians, playing a gay role and nailing it suggests homosexuality in the public eye.

Jake Gyllenhaal has played more than one of those roles and had his fair share of speculations.Born on December 19, 1980, to American parents who are already established in the entertainment industry, it was only natural for Jake Gyllenhaal to tread the same path as his folks and he did.As expected, he started off very early as an actor, seemingly with the guidance of his parents – film director and poet Stephen Gyllenhaal and Naomi Foner, a screenwriter.Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal dated from October to December 2010.That's not that long, but in Taylor Swift years, it's practically an eternity. " It turns out, a that though Swift was mature for her age, "When Jake broke her heart, she was so inexperienced she didn't know how to deal with it …Admittedly, with such popularity comes many probes into one’s private life, a situation Jake couldn’t escape from.

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