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rarely given where they differ from those of the Roman edition of 1587, — a case which frequently occurs, though this edition is, to a great extent, founded on that manuscript ; and those of the Alexandrine manuscript are often ignored.

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We have such definitions occasionally in the original work, but on no consistent plan.

Many other mistakes in quotation and reference have been corrected during the revision of the work. The system of cross-references from one article to another, so indispensable for enabling us to know what the Dictionary contains on related but separated subjects, has been carried much further in this edition than in the English. The signification of the Hebrew and, to some extent, of the Greek names of persons and places has been given in English, according to the best authorities (Simonis, Gesenius, Dietrich, Fiirst, Pape) on this intricate subject.

ie Vatican and Alexandrine manuscripts as edited by Mai and Baber, but also those of the two other leading editions of the Septuagint, the Complutensian and the Aldine, and of the Codex Sinalticus, Avhenever the forms given in them accord more nearly with the Hebrew, or on other accounts seem worthy of notice.

WILLIAM SMITHS DICTIONARY OF THE BIBLE; COMPRISING ITS ANTIQUITIES, BIOGRAPHY, GEOGRAPHY, AND NATURAL HISTORY. The present edition of the Dictionary seeks to supply these defects ; and not only have the readings of the Roman text (as given by Tischendorf) been carefully noted, with the variations of t!

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1868, by Hurd and Houghton, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the Southern District of New York, RIVERSIDE, CAMBRIDGE: STEREOTYPED AND PRINTED BY H. In this American edition, the Publishers reprint the entire work, without abridgment or change, excejt the correction of typographical errors, or an occa- sional verbal inaccuracy, and of mistakes in quotation and reference.

As a whole, it is unquestionably superior to any simi- lar Lexicon in our language, and cannot fail to maintain this rank for a long period to come.

Many deviations of the later editions of this version from the first edition (1611), important as affecting the orthography of Hebrew proper names, have also been detected and pointed out. The amount of Scripture illustration derived from a knowledge of Eastern customs and traditions, as made known to us so much more fully at the present day by missionaries and travellers in the lands of the Bible, has been largely increased.

To these last two editions, in the Apocrypha especially, we must often look for the explanation of the peculiar spelling of many proper names in the common English version.

The bibliographical references have been greatly increased, and care has been taken to mention the new works of value, or new editions of works in geography, philology, history, and exegesis, in our own or other languages, which have appeared since the original articles were written.

Smith's plan, new articles have been inserted in the American edition, with additions to others which seem not fully to represent our present knowledge or the state of critical opin- ion on the subjects discussed.

Among the characteristics in which the American edition differs from the English, are the following : — 1.

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