Tchat sex and the city

We're talking, of course, about the two feature films—one, a hit; the other, less so—and, perhaps more importantly, the drama surrounding the reason why we'll never, ever get a third one.

Tchat sex and the city-74

Still working his way up the Hollywood ladder (and several years before a starring role in Deadwood), Olyphant appeared as Sam, the 20-something guy whose vortex of great kissing and no-need-for-a-last-name sucks Carrie right in.

The true highlight of his performance is when he attempts to describe a dream he had — complete with giant hands and Carrie as a “unicorn woman” (she doesn’t know what that means either).

Matching Sarah-triple-nomenclature aside, Geller’s role as a fast-talking L. Like any visit to Hollywood, keep an eye out for other celeb sightings like Vince Vaughn, Carrie Fisher and Matthew Mc Conaughey.

When it was announced that David Duchovny would be on the series, a small part of everyone thought, This is it: Carrie was going to settle down with a boy she once dated in high school.

Gabriel Macht plays an artist whose main passion isn’t painting, but hanging around in his birthday suit with gorgeous women.

This early episode, and Barkley’s unabashed preference for sleeping with models, is the perfect frame for introducing Carrie’s friends: Miranda is disgusted, Charlotte wants to fix herself, and Samantha declares she’s just as attractive as a model and decides to sleep with Barkley.But back in 2000 he was simply the guy with the “funky tasting spunk” who Samantha refused to pleasure.When he tries to convince her it isn’t such a big deal, she walks him through the task as if she’s giving a speech on women’s rights.Morissette, fresh off of playing God (Dogma), and Sarah Jessica Parker wind up locking lips in a game of spin the bottle that Carrie plays with her bi-sexual boyfriend (Eddie Cahill) and his friends.Carrie’s head whirls at the prospect of dating a man who sleeps with both men and women, a topic rarely discussed on television back when the episode originally aired, making this one especially worth the rewatch.Morissette’s celebrity presence is a little hard to overlook, but still very welcome, even if Carrie freaks out and decides it’s all a bit too fluid for her.

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