Team fortress 2 keeps updating

Well, I suppose that the Open Beta's release date is farther than October 18, 2010, according to Valve Time.

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It shows that the TF2 beta wasn't first, and that Valve has done an open beta before.

--Stevoisiak , 17 September 2010 (UTC) Besides running on the same game engine and sharing some patches, CS: S and TF2 don't have any other connections to one another, making the information irrevelant.

Robin Walker: (...) There are systems in the game that are tuned to specific numbers.

The amount of damage the sniper rifle does fully charged, for instance.We’ll start running some more wide scale experiments there. If it's a case of not being able to qualify our source, well that's something we're not prepared to do. But we will be proven correct on it Agro , 6 September 2010 (UTC) As far as I heard on the Podcast, it was just "very soon".We can't really put something here that isn't verifiable, so "soon" will have to suffice until any further announcement about a launch date.Because as it's stated right now, it seems like it should be for all changes ever, which would get messy really quick.--Heytherejake Are we going to continue to keep a log of all the bugs? Netshroud , 4 December 2010 (UTC) I think we should make one when necessary, like if there is a noticeable bug that needs fixing.I think the drops must've been reactivated on accident in the last patch, because the main purpose of the public beta is to get the community involved in testing out conceptual attributes.

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