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But there is a scope for these girls because According to Pew research Institute, 64% people come closer because they found shared interests. As per Pew research Institute, every need of yours can be fulfilled through online dating.

If you are searching for someone overseas there is, for someone you have met but weren’t able to make a move there is Happn, for someone you can have intimacy with there is Be Naughty and for some random cute face you can go for Tinder.

Swipe right if you find the person appealing otherwise swipe left.

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A dm is the new ‘I need to know you better’ clause.

So much has the trend of Techno-Sexual dating grown that according to an Online Dating Magazine, more than 7500 dating sites exist on the Internet today.

At such a huge number even if the person fails at falling in love with any of them, he will succeed in confusing himself enough to ignore the best options he might have had.

But with such easeful features, Tinder grew immense and in the year 2013, it received the Crunchie Award for the best Start-up of 2013.

And in just two years, by 2014 it was receiving two billion swipes per day.

Tinder today has more than 50 million active users and has been downloaded from Google play Store more than 100 million times.

A feeling of belongingness, of positivity, of care, of respect. Mobile apps like Tinder and Bumble and Dating Sites like and are thriving having a turnover of Billions of US dollars.

Techno-sexual Dating means using the Internet or Advancing technologies in order to find someone who has the potential to be our Love and a perfect dating mate.

Tinder has been revolutionary in terms of propelling online dating to a whole new level.

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