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This group is the last formed group by YG entertainment after 2012.

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The restrictions of YG Entertainment do not allow her to date.

She revealed these restrictions on MBC’s Radio Star with Jisoo.

Recently, a site published that Jennie (Black Pink) was dating with the producer Teddy.

Immediately, YG sent an announcement saying that they would sue this site for publishing unreal rumor which affected both artists’ reputation. Moreover, YG also beat a journalist named K in a lawsuit.

Been learning from experience in a long time, YG Entertainment finally decided to have a more strict management plan for their 3rd generation idols to avoid repeating the failures of their “sunbae” in the past.

If before, Big Bang was allowed to freely drive, drink, smoke, or date, now, all of these are completely banned by YG.

Before, YG Entertainment is known as cool, rebel and even odd styles even in their music such as 2NE1, Big Bang.

The reason is that YG has never highly appreciated idols’ appearance.

This person continuously made up fake news about YG’s idols on social networks.

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