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However, school connectedness may play a role in explaining this relationship.

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It is critically important to be aware that each state has different statutes on what constitutes statutory rape.

Be sure to be familiar with the current statutes for your state.

If Audrey still refuses to tell her mother, you can then inform her that you are obligated to tell the authorities as she has marks and injuries which are clearly the result of an assault.

Domestic violence or teen dating violence can occur at any age and to males as well as females.

It is clear that Audrey is at risk in this relationship and these concerns need to be reported to the authorities including law enforcement and child protective services.

By jumping to the report without involving Audrey, you may betray some of the trust she has placed in you.Discuss the situation with Audrey and enlist her help in informing her mother and authorities.This gives Audrey some control over the situation while still meeting mandated reporting requirements.The teen court…Using mixed methods, this case study explored outcomes associated with the adoption and implementation of a community schools approach in four Title I schools using the Community Collaboration Model for School Improvement.Trends in school data demonstrate academic achievement improvements in three of the four schools.FSCSs are designed to improve the educational experiences and outcomes of historically underserved students through expanded learning opportunities, integrated service provision, family engagement, and…For more than two decades varied models of school-linked services and school-family-community partnerships have been advanced with the goal of improving the educational, developmental, mental health, health, and social outcomes for children and families.

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