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Most prostitutes advertise their services as escorts using online directories.Access to internet porn is censored under state control and has been since 2006.

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The protagonist of his own series of films, , Saari was a former winner of the Mr. As well as testing a range of sex toys on a television show, Liekki also performed in a sex guidance video.

She retired from the adult industry in 2005 after a stint as a producer for the Finnish TV station, Sextv.

At the moment, the legislation is seen as a compromise.

It isn’t clear just how many women are working as prostitutes in Finland and the visibility of the profession is low; most transactions are conducted privately or via the internet.

When you think of Finland, sex might not be the first thing you think of.

But, behind the Northern Lights, long winter nights and cosy log cabins, sex might be far more of a national pastime than you’d think.

She is better known in Italy than the English speaking world.

Prostitution in Finland is legal but many activities surrounding it are not, including soliciting streetwalking and organised prostitution (pimping or running a brothel).

Compared to the rest of the world, Finns are more likely to search for porn containing the keywords ‘sauna’ or ‘latex’.

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