looking for my love australia dating - Teenage dating from a christian perspective

Navigating the teen years can be scary and stressful!

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However, it still doesn’t remove their perspective on the matter nor does it remove the effects it’s having on them.

Therefore, by taking their truth into consideration we can set up our home for compassion and consideration and not allow untouched emotion to rule it.

Take notes during seasons like summer where teen(s) seem more at ease because things may have slowed down.

See if there is a difference in their attitude and how you can carry that into the school season.

When it comes to our teens we often want to just point out their attitude and not ask ourselves why they are lacking motivation or energy to do simple things.

Keep an eye out for their response to small insignificant activities. We can go into the full parental mode and choose to discipline these things which can often be found in ourselves during times of stress.

However, in order to have a peaceful home and the child you once not only loved but liked we must get to the root of what’s going on and help!

I know we seem to think once our children become teenagers, we are done parenting.

Although, they are like the unicorns of the teenage population.

We believe they are there but it’s rare to see one.

Here are a few red flags to help you determine if your teen is indeed stressed: Some days they are just so loving and other days if you flick the light on the wrong way it sets them off.

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