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Production rates of cosmogenic nuclides made in situ in terrestrial samples and how they are applied to the interpretation of measured radionuclide concentrations were discussed at a one-day Workshop held 2 October 1993 in Sydney, Australia.

The status of terrestrial in-situ studies using the long-lived radionuclides Be, C, Al, Cl, and Ca and of various modeling and related studies were presented.

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These are giving erosion rates that vary from a few tens of meters to hundreds of meters per million years.

The differences in rates of erosion likely reflect different climate and tectonic settings, but it is usually difficult to resolve which of the two sets of processes dominate.

In particular, the studies are showing that rates of erosion Himalayan rivers range greatly, from as little as 0.02 to 25 mm/year based on strath terraces that date from a few thousand to many hundreds of thousands of years.

Erosion rates based on strath terraces younger than about 35,000 years likely reflect sporadic and accelerated erosion.

The mountain landscapes, however, are also the consequence of profound erosion by glaciers and rivers, mass movement (slope) processes and weathering.

Defining how quickly the Himalaya and Tibet are uplifting and eroding has been one of the great challenges in geomorphology over their many decades of study and is important for helping to quantify tectonic and geomorphic models.Until recently, rates of erosion has been estimated by calculating the volumes of sediment produce by erosion and trapped in natural (e.g. reservoirs) traps, or direct measurements of sediment loads in rivers.However, accurately measuring sediment volumes in natural traps is challenging because often the geologic record is incomplete, which may lead to underestimates.Numerous strath terraces have been dated using Be-10 throughout the Himalaya (summarized in Dortch et al., 2011).These are providing good estimates for rates of river erosion.The relative uncertainties in the various factors that go into the interpretation of these terrestrial in-situ cosmogenic nuclides were discussed.

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