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The Latin phrase pollice verso is used in the context of gladiatorial combat for a hand gesture used by Ancient Roman crowds to pass judgment on a defeated gladiator.

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Popularization in the United States is generally attributed to the practices of World War II pilots, who used the thumbs up to communicate with ground crews prior to take-off.

This custom may have originated with the China-based Flying Tigers, who were among the first American flyers involved in World War II.

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The term fistmele is a Saxon word that refers to that measurement.

Desmond Morris in Gestures: Their Origins and Distribution traces the practice back to a medieval custom used to seal business transactions.

On the Internet, and most particularly on the social media site Facebook, the thumbs up gesture is shown as an icon and is associated with the term "like"—which within that context means to follow or subscribe to the page, posts, or profile of another individual or company; and on You Tube, individual videos may be voted on positively or negatively by clicking the thumbs-up or thumbs-down icons respectively (which in some previous versions of the site, used to be accompanied by "Like" and "Dislike" labels, and are still referred as such nowadays), and in the case of a thumbs-up, the video gets added to the user's "Liked videos" playlist. on their televised review show Siskel & Ebert—the thumb up meaning a positive opinion of a film; the thumb down meaning a negative one.

The trademarked phrase "two thumbs up", originally meaning a positive review from both reviewers, has come to be used as an indication of very high quality or unanimity of praise.

The sign has a pejorative meaning in parts of West Africa and some of the Middle Eastern countries including Iraq and Iran where the sign is equivalent to giving the middle finger.

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