advice on dating a latino man - The dating game goes wireless

Jazz up this game by using birthdays to select your guests for a raffle draw!

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This continues and the last person left receives a prize! This hilarious game is perfect for the wedding reception and requires the new bride and groom to communicate and work together as a team.

Let him/her keep the candy as a sweet token for playing the game.

brides maids/maid of honor on one side and groomsmen/best man on the other. Piggy Back This wedding game requires a strong groom and a spacious hall.

Have the bride sit in the chair facing her bridesmaids…then have the groom remove both of the brides shoes. Rather than carrying his bride over the threshold of their new home, this bold groom is going to bravely perform a piggyback ride in front of all the reception guests!

Who is most likely to pass gas in front of the other first? Place a piece of banana into his hand and spin him around once.

Begin with the bride sitting in a chair while the groom is blindfolded.

Shoe Game This is a great ice breaker, and gets everyone involved. Marriage Advice 101 This is a great game to play at a small wedding reception with close friends and family.

I found this game originally browsing youtube and it works great for weddings, anniversaries and engagement parties. Raise the laughometer with this simple yet fun game of “Marriage Advice 101”.

Artists at Work Bring out the hidden creative talents of your guests with this fun game called “Artists at Work”.

Other ideas: Hide a trinket under one chair at each table; place a special sticker under one plate at each table; first person to sing at each table; first person that used the bathroom at each table…and the list goes on, but you get the idea.

35) Who’s the most likely to wake up grumpy in the morning ? The bride and groom will choose the two finalists and the rest of the guests can choose the winner by applause! This wedding game really helps to liven up the atmosphere at the reception since it requires the participation of the entire wedding party. Ensure the signs are large enough for your guests to see clearly. ” The entire wedding party raises the applicable sign in answer to the question. Choose modest questions that will not embarrass the newly married couple too much in front of close family, co-workers, and young children (especially if they are relatively private people). You will need to create small bags of candy using cellophane and ribbon (or any other trinket) and an energetic song to mimic the up-tempo pace of this game (our title may give hints to a possible song choice).

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