The dating game insane

She’s not your Sheryl Sandberg type: the straight-A overachiever, the class president.

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That night, though, I wasn’t thinking about any of those things.

There was a cute guy on the other side of that screen, and in the small and sparkling afterglow of our mutual match, I felt something all too rare in the dating game. I visited Bumble in May 2017 and found the country’s fastest-growing dating-app company crammed into a two-bedroom apartment near Fifth and Lamar in Austin.

On Bumble, messaging first and fast could not be reframed as negative. I thumbed out a quick note: “Where were the sailing pictures taken?

” Not exactly a Dorothy Parker line, but it would have to do.

A bigger, flashier Bumble office was under construction, but for now the young staff jockeyed for space in a living room on the thirty-first floor, fashionably cluttered with the girl-world detritus of scented candles, promotional tote bags, and stacks of magazines.

A floor-to-ceiling window offered a sweeping view of downtown and doubled as a whiteboard.

She and Mateen eventually became a couple, despite the fact that he was her boss, and the drama that followed would probably make a good movie about the dangers of too much power and money. The unraveling went in this order: first her relationship with Mateen went bad. Anyone curious to know how bad can Google stories like “Every F—ed Up Text from the Tinder Sexual Harassment Lawsuit,” originally published on Gawker in July 2014, in which a jilted Mateen fires off texts to Whitney, his ex-girlfriend (and current employee), that range from menacing to unglued, with a dash of casual racism.

“I will shit on him in life,” he says about one of her love interests.

To create buzz, she traveled to SMU and papered her alma mater with flyers that read: Find out who likes you on campus.

She crashed sorority meetings, the kind she had once attended, and told them to sign up, and then she rushed over to the frat houses and informed them that the hottest girls were on the app.

In 2012, a year after graduating from college, she was visiting a friend in Southern California when she met Justin Mateen and his best friend, Sean Rad, two USC grads hustling several tech ventures, and they enlisted her marketing skills.

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