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Involve your friends in hangouts (nothing fancy and AVOID being her date at weddings).

Don’t put your arm around her a lot or send mixed signals. Many times women get addicted to the emotional comfort rather than the distraction; this is dangerous.

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In the meantime, go to movies, grab lunches, see a fun band; show her you enjoy spending time with her in the world, not just in the potential sack.

If you’re up for a fling: You’d be better off never bringing up her ex. Chances are if you’re both adults, and she’s given you the green light on traipsing into rebound fling territory, the last thing she wants to hear is a question or comparison to her ex.

Don’t grope her, but be subtle by holding the doors for her, helping her put on her jacket and grabbing her next drink.

If you’re up for a fling: While on the first or second hangout, if she starts giving you signs that she’s out of the post breakup trenches, make sure you state that you aren’t looking for a relationship but you enjoy hanging out and if she feels that’s something she’s okay with then you’re up for it.

It’s fine to lift her spirits or tell her she’s a catch (in a friendly way) but don’t underestimate the power of her subdued emotions that she may not even know she has yet.

Rebounds can be beneficial for both parties if you treat her with respect, by treating her like just an adult friend at first.

Women are stronger and smarter than most men give them credit for.

We know what you mean and we’ll give you the green light if we feel the same.

If you want a relationship: Invite her to something a bit more personal (your friend’s birthday party perhaps), or go get coffee close to her place.

If you guys do end up hanging out, don’t call it a date, but do shower and look dashing so she gets the hint that you consider her worth looking dapper for.

Sometimes that’s really all a girl needs after a breakup–a beer and some laughs.

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