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"When you say, ' We need to talk,' we put up the barriers," he says. God has given you all this incredible thing called intuition. I'm not a good mother at all." Although Marjorie is a certified diver, Steve isn't a swimmer. "So [he puts] on the snorkeling gear and when she goes down, I tell him, 'You swim over and just keep an eye on my wife.'"Steve also has instructions for everyone else on the boat. "I don't care if nobody [else] on the boat goes home.

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, is shooting to the top of the best-seller lists, and Oprah says she loves everything it has to say! "[My 26-year-old daughter] was dating this guy who was about 30.

Steve says this book has a special meaning for him. Because we'll rise to the occasion no matter how high you set the bar if we want to," he says. He had been over to the house about four, five times.

The best way to get in touch with him is to go through his own social media profiles or the social media accounts of his TV or radio shows.

Today's show is dedicated to those with unpleasant voices. Studies show that crying during a job interview actually increases your chances of getting hired and The CEO does a reenactment. The chicken fight continues between Chick-fil-A and Popeyes. Hurricane season is here and we issue a friendly reminder to ou...

"You've got to determine along the way which one of the fish you're going to be."Without ironclad standards, Steve says you'll always end up back in the dating pool.

"You've got to quit lowering your standards," he says.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

Black People and The Steve Harvey Morning Show today announced that they are now seeking black singles from Dallas to participate as contestants in Radio Date™, a creative and interactive take on dating game shows of the past.

I tell jokes for a check; I'm on TV for a check. But this [book] right here I did purely to empower women." In his book, Steve says the way a man introduces you gives good insight into the status of your relationship. Oprah,' you should be standing there going, 'This is going nowhere.'" Another thing women need to understand, according to Steve, is that every man has a plan. Whatever adventure we're out on, whatever pursuit in life, we need your support. You won't be able to find one, though, until you up your standards.

If a man introduces you as a friend or says your name with no title at all, Steve says you have nothing. "You've got sports fishermen, and you've got guys out there fishing to eat.

Apparently there is a woman that is pregnant with 32 kids and is in need of sponsors for each of them in The Jackpot Joint of Jerusalem. Uncle Steve give us his list of The 50 Greatest R&B Singers. Steve opens up today's show quoting his favorite poet Tupac. Today's show is LIVE and in living vivid color.

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