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In the picture above, I was adding a silly update just for demonstrative purposes, but we suggest that this is an opportunity to add some meaningful updates from your past that give people a better idea of who you are and allow you to add pictures to past events.The options are endless, but adding only the most major milestones and not adding pointless information like what year you lost all of your teeth.

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There’s much more that comes with reviving your fan page, but this is at least a good start.

If you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

One of the major changes users will see when everyone has all of the new features is the ability to place items on your wall from the past and backdate status updates to share milestones with your Facebook connections (hence “timeline”).

While unavailable to the public, Facebook initially only allowed posts to be posted to present time, but now, each Facebook Timeline profile has a tiny clock icon in the status window update, it’s like back dating a blog post.

Some consider the ability to back date updates a way for Facebook to know more about you, others suspect it’s a means to get consumers to spend more time on the site, while supporters claim this bridges the gap between online and offline and reduces anonymity, showing a person’s real life and accomplishments in one place.

If you currently have the Timeline turned on, or when it goes live to everyone, here is how to post an update with a date in the past.

Now, every time you think about Facebook you get stressed out and are ever so close to just shutting it down. This is all too common for small businesses (and even large) who don’t have someone on staff dedicated to social media and communications. At this time, Facebook is the only social media platform that allows you to backdate new posts. If you’ve ever scheduled a Facebook post for the future, backdating is similar… It can cover your behind if you forgot a major holiday, national event, or employee’s birthday.

(Create a new post / Click the clock icon / Click “Schedule post” / Choose “Backdate post” / Add year / Add month / Add day / Post) TIP #1: Facebook was founded in February of 2004, so it doesn’t make sense to backdate before, or too close to, February 2004.

When you hover your mouse over the clock, it shows you the original (actual) date that the post was created.

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