Top dating places

Going on your first Tinder date is likely one of the most daunting things you’ll experience in your adult life.Dating in general is hard, meeting strangers via the internet is harder; and with the current spotlight on the patriarchy and female safety, one needs to be extra careful.

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Paris is abundant in public spaces in which one can meet up with someone unknown.

Being a tourist hub of the world it is actually quite difficult to find spaces entirely void of people and public life.

Many people mistake this building for a conventional museum, however it really is more of an experimental space.

The building is used to host exhibitions, performances and film screenings through a careful curation of works by the establishment’s management team.

What you’ll find happening in the space if you show up blind is never certain — one must check the Palais de Tokyo website prior.

Exhibits and events aside, the Palais de Tokyo building is an intricate structure that boasts ample outdoor space where visitors can hang out during the day.I am, however, going to tell you about a hidden gem of a brunch spot that is ideal as they come.Nestled in the suburban streets of Montmartre is the Hôtel Particulier.The square joins the 3rd arrondissement with the 4th and marks a central hub in le Marais neighborhood.The square is massive, you’ll need to be clear on exactly which quadrant you and your Tinder date are meeting in.Having a meal in front of you gives you somewhere to direct your attention in moments of discomfort or awkward silence.

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