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An exhibition of Victorian costumes and accessories can be found in the Totnes Costume Museum in one of the oldest Tudor houses in Totnes.In addition there are many delightful shops and galleries, displaying and selling arts, crafts and unusual gifts.Whether you are looking for a serious relationship or just looking to have fun you’ll find plenty of online dating profiles of people living in Totnes.

It was one of the five Devon towns originally mentioned in the and was one of the wealthiest towns in medieval Devon.

The town’s wealth and prosperity came from the export of both wool from Dartmoor and locally mined tin.

It contains prison cells, a council chamber and a mayor’s parlour.

Visitors to the Guild Hall can see the table where sat in 1646.

The waters were believed to have medicinal properties and were administered by specially appointed Town Wardens.

The healing waters in the Leech Wells were a point of pilgrimage for lepers hoping for a cure.

Not far away is Berry Pomeroy Castle, a late medieval castle and mansion house situated halfway up a wooded hillside, looking out over a deep ravine and stream.

The original castle was constructed by the Pomeroy family following their arrival in England during the Norman Conquest.

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