Tough dating questions

It was during this 3rd date that Mike noticed how Paula became disinterested in him and eventually started reacting angrily towards him.

Mike picked up on this and chose to build on their chemistry by touching and kissing Paula reassuringly.

If so, then what's your vision of that relationship? Do you see yourself taking time away from pursuing a career to raise and spend time as a family?

Dana noticed how she and Ian got along well on a day-to-day basis, but argued about what Dana called "the big issues." Ian frequently begged off socializing with Dana's friends and colleagues, which was important to Dana since a big part of her job required entertaining clients.

Ian also refused to participate in activities involving Dana's family, which she valued and enjoyed, claiming that since he wasn't close with and didn't socialize with his own family, he shouldn't have to participate with hers.

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While it's fairly easy to evaluate someone's interests, ways of having fun, and how they like to spend time, etc., it's much harder to evaluate values, priorities, and life goals and determine if you and your dating partner are on similar life paths.

That's why asking these "tough" questions in the early dating stages creates a dynamic framework for exploring the potential for being together in the long run -- ~ "Are you looking for a long-term, committed relationship?When Dana raised the topic of children, Ian said he was hesitant to become a father since he didn't feel his own father had been a good role model.He expressed his hope that Dana would find happiness and fulfillment in her life without needing to have children. Dana came to me to discuss making some decisions about her relationship.She expressed how surprised she was to learn how differently she and Ian valued family, children and socializing.When I asked her to share the outcome of their discussions about these issues prior to moving in together, Dana realized she had assumed that since she and Ian had such a strong initial chemistry and got along well, that they would be "on the same page on just about everything else." One year later, she sadly realized that they were not.Unfortunately, I have seen the fall-out of dating in this way many times.

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