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(The second way is more to industrial and the governments responsible.They must reduce industrial emission to overcome air pollution.

( Last but not list to overcome air pollution is by reducing the use of chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs). Chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs is the gas that is responsible for ozone depletion.

By reducing the emission of CFCs, we can significantly slow down the rate of ozone depletion.

By the age of twenty, she was unhappily married to a man "who was not very nice." Finally, Susan made the decision to leave her job at American Express, after she attended the National American Model Search in Seattle, Washington - where more than a few agencies fought to get her signed.

She has since appeared on the covers of numerous issues of Vogue, in the United States as well as abroad. Don't care enough about Madonna to know the difference.

A more effective way is to reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

For example, in , the government has introduced regulations such that on different days, only cars with certain number plates can be driven.

If electricity is used, less fossil fuels have to be burnt, and less air pollution would be emitted.

We can do our part to reduce air pollution by conserving electricity at home, at school and at work.

Susan is famous for being the muse of famed photographer Terry Richardson, who of course remains one of the most renowned photographer in the business (ok, maybe not "of course" the most renowned, but you have to admit he's pretty prominent). I think she called her style a "California vibe." Whatever it was, it worked. Susan always was on the cutting edge of fashion and pop culture.

So free-spirited, in fact, that I can't show you Susan's best work. She was on a Whirlwind Heat album sleeve for "Types of Wood" and one or two of their singles. Susan then made a bit of a comeback in 2010-2011, walking in the really big shows again. She disappeared, or, as the charming phrase goes, went down the road.

(We also can use the renewable energy to overcome the air pollution in our country or world.

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