Trouble updating macromedia flash player

The instructions warn that it cannot remove files in use, so be sure to shut down all applications before running the uninstaller. After running the uninstaller, go back to the tester page to verify that the Flash player was uninstalled correctly.

If it was, you should see something like the below, prompting you to install the plug-in.

trouble updating macromedia flash player-13

You can see this in the screenshot above from the Add/Remove Programs applet in the Windows XP control panel.

The Active X version is used by Internet Explorer, the plug-in version is used by Firefox.

Also, knowing how to check provides a way to verify that an uninstall of the Flash player worked.

(More on this below.) to display the currently installed version of the Flash player.

The program uninstalls both the Internet Explorer and Firefox versions of the Flash player. Firefox upgrade procedure Initially, this posting detailed a host of problems trying to use the Control Panel Add or Remove Programs applet in Windows XP to remove the Firefox version of the Flash player.

In fact, it even uninstalled a copy used by a portable version of Firefox. After getting completely inconsistent results on three different machines, it became obvious the Adobe Flash player uninstaller was the way to go.

From my Defensive Computing standpoint, I want to always ensure that old buggy software is fully removed. Another reason is that the Adobe Download Center tries to pawn off additional software on Internet Explorer users.

(They don't do this with Firefox.) As shown above, the default is to also install the Google Toolbar.

A screenshot is above showing the output from today before I upgraded.

When Adobe purchased the original Flash vendor, Macromedia, it made its own copy of this Web page . For one, the fact that it still shows Flash as being a Macromedia product rather than an Adobe product makes me wonder if it has been abandoned.

The right way also means uninstalling the prior version of Flash before installing the new version, not installing any other software other than the Flash player and being 100 percent sure that all old versions of the software have been removed, even those in nonstandard locations. If you haven't updated the Flash player recently, your computer is probably at risk.

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