True blood co stars dating

You’re a good friend, so just do whatever the scenes demand.’ It was great of him to say, just making sure that we were all cool with it,” said Skarsgard.

Moyer did have some grounds for concern, however, considering Skarsgard’s penchant for dating co-stars.

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The Swede, however, seems to be taking his newly found “It Boy” status in stride.“It’s kind of crazy but I’m just trying to be smart, find the right projects, and enjoy every single day of it,” said Skarsgard.

“I’ve had moments where my phone’s silent and I get no scripts sent my way or no phone calls from agents.

“I saw that he was very good,” said Skarsgard’s father, adding, “He had very expressive eyes.” Michael Nyqvist, known for his starring role in the Swedish films, lived just two blocks from the Skarsgards in south Stockholm and echoes the praise.

“I knew him since he was around 7, and he has this open, honest way in everything he does,” Nyqvist told The Daily Beast.

So far the relationship is progressing well, they're having fun together.”Evan has previously dated a string of stars including Marilyn Manson and Shane West.

Voted ‘Sweden’s Sexiest Man’ five times, Alexander Skarsgard became a breakout star on HBO’s True Blood and, with his complex role in Lars von Trier’s masterpiece Melancholia, is ready for his closeup.

“So I quit television and acting for eight years.”When Skarsgard was 19 he applied to do his national service, and became team leader of a group of four men in the Royal Swedish Navy stationed on the archipelago for 18 months.

The men were, according to Skarsgard, training in “anti-sabotage.” Following his military stint, Skarsgard, then 21 and attending university in England, reached a crossroads.“I had taken eight years off of not doing anything, and like most kids that age, I got to a place where I thought I should start thinking about my future and what I wanted to do,” said Skarsgard.

Then, at 13, Skarsgard achieved his first lead role in the TV film The Smiling Dog.

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