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it’s a Japanese bishoujo game that’s been translated into english (well, ok, occasionally it’s engrish), and a fairly old one. And now that our Forever Geekly bottoms are covered and the lawyerish types will be happy, you can click through below for an overview and some more (PG at worst) screenshots (you’ll have to play the game if you want the more interesting artwork). And it doesn’t have any incest, rape, or anything particularly far from mainstream. This, like most bishoujo games, is intended for adults only, so if you’re not old enough to vote, it’s not our fault if your innocence is corrupted by it, because I’m telling you right now — don’t do it. I chose this particular one for my first bishoujo post here primarily because it’s free for download, and is only a bit more than 5 megs, so it’s an easy one to take your first foray into the genre with.Shopping allows you to buy gifts for the girls (which you almost never have any opportunity at all to use), gifts for yourself (mostly these increase your stats), and rare/unusual items which have varying effects (the only really important one is the angel’s wing, which unlocks the “hidden” character near the end of the game), and best of all, you can gamble — either playing the lottery, or playing blackjack (OK, so I’m a sucker for any video game that includes blackjack or video poker as a side game).

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chansu continues his journey into the ridiculously salacious game known as Hunie Pop.

Well, some people were working on one, but noone ever actually made a complete walkthrough for True Love yet.

The game will often direct you to where you need to be, so if you’re not working on improving a specific stat, it’s not usually a bad idea to accept the default options.

And if you want to go back and win with every girl, you can find walkthroughs on Game FAQs and the-spoiler.

The level of your stats, as well as your choices when speaking to the girls, determine which girls will talk to you, and whether you have even the slightest chance of winning their hearts.

One, for example, is a swimming star, and won’t really consider you unless you’re extremely honest and stronger than the average joe…

the story is so-so, the graphics are pretty decent but a bit low-res, and there isn’t any voice acting. Many of these games are simply “choose your own adventure” games with artwork. You play a college student (you choose the name, or accept the default, “Daisuke” (japanese for “I love you”) and you choose what you want to do with you time…

It’s definitely not the best one out there from any perspective…

You can only get each god once, and they take something like 10-15 turns each (so, studying morning afternoon and evening for a week straight would probably make the god of learning happy).

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