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One of the major tourist draws in Stockholm is the museum devoted to the group.

when my fiance needs something from me that actually makes sense, or a customer who needs some small task that they would actually pay for.

Watching other people (esp my fiance) saying "no" ever so gently has me wondering how easy life could be if I were able to do the same.

When he asked when was the last time they'd actually used cash, Ove replied, "Oh, I don't know. Last year only 13 percent of Swedes could remember using cash for a recent purchase. S., 70 percent use cash every week."You get used to it," said Marita.

"From the beginning I didn't want it that way at all. I think it's a better way."A better way that begins, like so many things in Sweden, with ABBA.

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From one great Swedish cultural institution, to another: At the Ikea store, almost all their customers were paying with cards anyway, so they made it official – no cash taken.

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