Typical male online dating profile

The online social world brings many benefits, but it also carries many risks.

Social networking sites and dating sites can be great places to reconnect with old friends and establish new relationships, but they are all too frequently infested with scammers who have learned to use them for their own purposes.

under construction Common misfortunes that will occur before needing money How can I find out more information about the person I am dealing with?

Photos are an important part of a scammer's "toolkit." Scammers use photos to back up their storylines and make their characters seem more real.

What are the common characteristics of an African’s writing style?

What are the common characteristics of a Russians writing style?

Most of these add-ons allow you to simply right-click a photo for a photo search menu.

A few choices are:-Who stole my photos (searches tineye and some smaller engines)-Search by Image for Google (searches only google)-Tineye (on tineye's site)-Image Lookup (searches Google, Tineye, and Karma Decay)The scammer's profile is the first thing his victim will see, and it is the first step in creating his "character." The scammer wants the profile to be appealing to his targets, while reinforcing the image he wants to portray.A "yes" answer to one or more of the above questions should be a clear warning sign.If the photos don't look like "model" photos, consider the following questions.-Are the photos clear and of a reasonable size/resolution?Fortunately, many of these scammers share common characteristics.Understanding and recognizing these characteristics can help you to identify many scammers from the start.While not every scammer is the same, most often they will claim:non-smokernon-drinker or occasional drinker onlyreligious or "God-fearing"single (widower or divorced) father.

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