Tyra dating robert evans

Oh, and by kind of curious, we also meant kind of excited!!

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In the case of British model Robert Evans she is settling for an older man – Robert is 24 years-old! On the contrary, it cements her image as a middle-aged cougar buying her way through a candy store of young studs. Evans, he is not only Tyra’s bed mate but her employee.

Tyra fired some of her staff from last It can be a risky business to date an employee but that hasn’t dissuaded Tyra Banks, 38, from romancing her new America’s Next Top Model judge, 24-year-old Brit boxer turned Givenchy model Robert Evans.

Evans is joining America’s Next Top Model as a new judge.

The addition comes as massive changes have been made to the CW series.

judge, Rob Evans, has been in some hot water after being charged with felony assault in 2012, yet he still remained on the show alongside Tyra Banks.

Well, a source has exclusively revealed to Coco that Cycle 20 was indeed his last.

One report claims that the interest continued on afterwards.

Evans has appeared in campaigns for Calvin Kline underwear. Sources tell news that the purported couple have been spotted vacationing together in Newport Beach in recent months.

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