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If you are eager to meet the hottest housewives in town there is only one place and it’s called Naughty uk, which is filled with thousands of gorgeous sluts from right across the UK that want to get down and dirty 24/7.

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Most of these horny housewives are not sexually satisfied, as their boring husbands don’t give them too much attention, if any, so these whores simply log into their accounts, and look for guys to satisfy their sexual needs.

We can tell you that lots of them haven’t fucked for a while, and are desperate to hook up with other site members for all kinds of wild sexual encounters.

But wait, there's more: After collecting data on their most successful male members, the site found that the ideal guy has dark hair, is 6 feet tall, has no children, doesn't smoke, and makes over $200,000. Interestingly, most did say they had a preference for brown-haired men.

Except for one — a blonde herself — who admitted that her love for towheads is "probably narcissism on some level." But there may be another reason women aren't so keen on light-haired men — and it's bigger than their hair color.

According to Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of Whats Your Price.com, there are certain stereotypes that blondes unfortunately can't escape.

"As the old saying goes 'blondes have more fun'," he explains. One of the women polled in our office did chalk her preference for brown-haired men up to a "super-blonde boy" breaking her heart in middle school.

Even Marilyn Monroe had to lighten her locks to cement her sex symbol status.

(Side note: Once blonde, she ended up starring in a movie espousing the exact same premise.) But what about what women want?

Yes, we can stop traffic with nothing but a hair flick. Unless you want your ends to split, your lengths to be frizzy and dry, or your roots to turn a glorious shade of wee-yellow – you have to have your wits about you.

Well, the idea sure sounds good but is it really possible to find sexy local UK fuckbuddies within just a few clicks? At uk, we make casual dating for adult personals not only fun but also simple and quick.

These types of shows are somewhat akin to hidden camera shows.

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