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Our FAQ Q&A below should have all the information you'll need about our service! Monthly introductions between the members we have matched together (to be eligible for this you merely have to fill out a Dating Form and purchase our £2 membership, both are available on the right-hand side of this page) 2.The occasional social event (this will be something like speed-dating, or some other fun event that you wouldn't get from any other Society) This should cover any questions you may have about our society!A: Yes, anyone – straight, gay, bisexual, or other – can use the service in exactly the same way.

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A new fingerprint technique capable of producing high-resolution images from the most challenging of metal surfaces, including knives and firearms—is already attracting interest from detectives working on cold cases. But in an optical puzzle akin to The Dress, colourful snails are causing scientists at the University of Nottingham to turn to technology to definitively decide whether some ...

A female stickleback fish, nick-named 'Mary', has produced offspring from eggs that appear to have been fertilised while they were still inside her, according to scientists at the University of Nottingham.

For example, let’s pretend a woman called Emma wants to meet someone.

If Emma is straight, she puts down she is a female seeking a male.

If Emma is gay, she puts down that she is a female seeking a female.

If Emma is bisexual, she puts down that she is a female seeking a male or a female. Computers which are capable of teaching themselves to predict premature death could greatly improve preventative healthcare in the future, suggests a new study by experts at the University of Nottingham. and Malaysia have discovered the world's tallest tropical tree, and possibly the tallest flowering plant, measuring over 100 metres high—laid down, it would extend beyond both goals on a football ...Ideally, you'd have an entire team of devoted individuals helping you with that search. Put simply, we bring together people who'd really get along but would otherwise never have an excuse to meet in the first place.Allow us to introduce you to your person at Nottingham University!A: Firstly, all members going on dates are Nottingham University Students; you can’t be catfished and lured into a trap.

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