Unmoderated web cams

When you have the person with you, I advise opting for a camera to capture the mobile screen rather than relying on any mobile screensharing.

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You’re both on desktop machines in the call and you want to observe and capture their desktop screen in the recording.

In order to join the session your participant will need a link to the video call.

Now they just look like interrogation rooms, but with soft furnishing. I’ll walk through the setup for a variety of session types.

These days you don’t need labs, most of what you need is available in Zoom, the video-conferencing software which can be used free-of -charge. I realise you might want to skip straight to the setup you’re interested in, but read number 1 first. I recommend you run through these setups with a colleague/friend to familiarise yourself with how it works before trying it for real.

There are rare issues with participants not being able to join calls.

Zoom is the best video-conferencing I’ve used in terms of the level of reliability and alternate options if things go wrong.In this post I’m going to talk you through the various setups I use with Zoom to run and record my in-person and remote user research sessions on both desktop and mobile. In this scenario it’s you and the participant in a room together.I’m going to assume you understand the protocols for running a user research session responsibly, so I can keep this as concise as possible. You just want to record the conversation and your own desktop screen (we’ll cover mobile devices and observation later).In your recruitment screening, make sure the participant has a microphone and camera (optional) for their desktop macine.It’s easy to assume everyone does these days, but many don’t.I’m not comfortable having a bunch of people on the call when it’s remote. I’ll add a meeting room where people can go to observe, just like an in-person session and explain to the participant what’s going on.

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