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AS we didnn’t want to release a new update without something new, we worked in making 3.10/3.11 to work with popsloader, and that’s it, the new popsloader plugins supports them.

Changes in M33-4 (mainly bugfix) – Fixed the bug that caused CRC error when writing to flash usb in the XMB. – Added the new speeds to vshmenu and core, because we forgot in recovery.

Thanks, I actually ended up deviating from the above slightly.

Here's what I did for anyone else facing the same issue.

To receive our Daily Newsletter, you must first be a member of the QJ website. How to Install M33 Updates: (M33 Firmwares only) ALL M33 UPDATES CONTAIN THE PREVIOUS UPDATES.

within the Guides: PSP Hacks, Homebrew and Emulators forums, part of the PSP FAQs, Guides, and Tutorials category; INSTALLING 3.52 CUSTOM FIRMWARE Success poll can be found here Getting started You will need the following: A PSP on ... There is no way you can call this malicious code as there is no explicit code to brick nothing, it is the corruption of the update what actually causes the bad decrypted data to be written.Anyways in this update we check if decrypted data is wrong and in that case we write a recovery warning the user what happened.We repeat it again: THERE IS NO MALICIOUS CODE inside M33.Some of the files of this update are protected by encryption schemes to protect ourselves from that page that annoys homebrew developers. So if the file is changed, the decrypted data is not the original one, and this causes the wrong data to be written.Hey all, found an old PSP 1000 with 3.52 M33 on it. If I remember this version disabled the updater so I get the PSP Error Code (DADADADA) Many thanks in advance :-)Looks like the easiest way is using Hellcat's Recovery Flasher (Source 1 & Source 2).

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