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If you have extenuating circumstances, please review contact our office. What is an IRS Data Retrieval Tool and should I use it when completing the FAFSA? The DRT makes completing the FAFSA easier and more accurate, and it also allows selected students to complete the verification process more quickly.

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Note: Tax return information you transfer via the Internal Revenue Service Data Retrieval Tool cannot be changed on your online FAFSA form.

If you filed a 1040X amended return, contact your school’s financial aid office to discuss whether it would be appropriate for the school to adjust the information on your FAFSA form.

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You may update your mailing address, email address, and other contact information if it has changed.

There are certain items that you must update: Federal School Code.

Only submit this document if you filed an amended tax return.

This document is also free and can be ordered by calling 1-800-908-9946 or visiting gov.

You can utilize the DRT when originally completing the FAFSA or by making a change to the FAFSA. You should contact the Rollins Financial Aid Office and we will provide options based on your specific situation. A tax return transcript comes directly from the IRS and contains most of the line items from your federal tax return. The tax return transcript is free and can be ordered by calling 1-800-908-9946 or visiting gov. Once you have completed your tax returns, either use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool or submit your tax transcript. The Verification Worksheet will need to be signed and returned to the Rollins Financial Aid Office.

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