Updating an old china hutch nick zano dating kat dennings

Although your old China hutch may have featured an old wooden look, its elegance is easily restored by adding paint and/or contact paper.The color you choose should complement the hutch, as well as, the room it sits in.After the wax dries a bit, I take a clean, soft cloth (T-shirt or diaper works well) and buff the entire piece to the desired shine. I don’t think we could have imagined it would turn out this beautiful!!

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It’s a large piece, and she really needed the storage and display. What fun we had playing with paint and learning new techniques! what better update for this china cabinet than an Annie Sloan makeover??

My daughter asked if I would do it and I jumped at the chance! I take 220 sandpaper to the edges and some of the detail and gently sand down to the original finish.

So I did this, with these drawer pulls I already had: And the sliding doors didn’t have knobs, so I added these knobs I got for 87 cents: And here she is today…with her pretty, new green interior: Then I got to do the fun part. I used things I already had around the house, so it’s not what I would fill it with in a perfect world, but it’ll have to do for now.

🙂I can’t wait to inject even more color into my Kitchen through the beadboard backsplash (which I’ve now decide to paint this same shade of green), window treatments, artwork and rugs.

This piece of furniture looks great in both light and dark shades, which gives you a wide selection on color choices.

Depending on the condition of your old China hutch, you may need to sand it lightly, prior to adding your new tone.Your home will portray an sense of sophistication and elegance with one of these beautiful dining room china cabinets as the centerpiece to the room.With plenty of storage space, your display items will be at home behind the glass china cabinet doors, while your everyday dining and household essentials will be conveniently hidden inside the solid wood doors at the base and ready for when you need them. It will be in my only dining area with a round Walnut table and a bronze metal chandelier with some crystal.This will be up against the only wall, the other wall is mainly windows. Browse through our assortment of china cabinets with plenty of styles and custom options to choose from.

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