Updating bdp s350

At the back, the same set of input and output ports is there, including HDMI 1.3, composite and component video, an RJ45 Ethernet port, analog stereo and a USB host.

For some reason, this USB port is set very deeply and not all flash memory drives will fit.

Happily, this situation has abated slightly as Blu-ray technology has dropped in price, and the Sony BDP-S350 is a great example of how that trend has affected the price of players.

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It seems that now that Blu-ray is becoming a mature standard, video quality is becoming a less important criterion for distinguishing between models as improvements take hold all around.

Upscaling of Standard Definition sources is equally impressive.

The absence of 5.1 or 7.1 connectors means that you can't use older DD or DTS audio equipment, as only the 'core' Dolby signal is available via the optical or coaxial audio cables.

Test Results This player does pretty well when it comes to actually reading Blu-ray discs, with a delay of “only” 53 seconds before showing the first frame of our test movie.

With the BDP-S350, Sony is adding to the competition in the entry-level Blu-ray player market, where the market is already heating up with the Samsung BD-P1500 and Panasonic DMP-BD35.

Like the earlier S300, the new S350 is very shallow, meaning it should slide into even the smallest of spaces.

Sadly for the consumer-electronics division, it has been forced to charge full price for the standalone players.

This unique situation meant that it was far cheaper to buy a PS3 than a normal Blu-ray player, and most people did, indeed, buy a PS3.

For Blu-ray, this has been something of a disaster.

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