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The default used is : Compare All Searchable Values.Try using : Overwrite Changes, which will cause the WHERE clause generated in SQL statements to only compare the primary key values.For help clarifying this question so that it can be reopened, visit the help center. This is why in my comment I asked for the example sourcecode where you're modifying rows in dt - because I presumed you would have that somewhere, in order to expect that the changes would jump from Excel (which populated I think the auto generated Sql Commands generated by Sql Command Builder are not really going to be suitable in your case (If I have understood the question correctly).

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If the connection is open before Fill is called, it remains open.

The Fill operation then adds the rows to destination Data Table objects in the Data Set, creating the Data Table objects if they do not already exist.

This would free up the connection so that it could be used by other applications, improving our application's scalability.

Disconnected Recordsets also made applications more scalable in other ways.

The four properties are set to Command objects that are used when data is manipulated.

For instance, when we call the Data Adapter's Fill method to retrieve data from a data source and pour it into a Data Set, the Command object in the Select Command property is used.

This had lots of advantages, not the least of which was that we could close our application's connection to the data source and still work with the data.

The ADO Recordset object held a collection of records that we could scroll through. NET Data Set can do the same but can hold several sets of records and the relationships between them. NET Data Set is like a portable database containing tables and views along with the data description information that defines them. NET Data Set to be an in-memory database that we hold in our application's memory space (see the sidebar, "The Data Reader," for the one exception to ADO. In ADO, if we used a client-side Recordset, our data was disconnected from the data source.

I suspect what you want is "Ad Criteria Key" behaviour.

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