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Users would never get more than one a day (the schedule is based on the system settings).

Hi, I need am hoping for an answer to an on-going issue.

If you bring in customers, you may want to consider only sharing high level information such as Roadmaps (maybe even Gantts).

And is "scheduled progress reports" for e-mail only users?

The two type of tasks that are reported are: Once the email is sent, there is a system setting parameter which defines the number of validity days to which the email report form may be sent back for the system to update the progress of the tasks.

Note: There may be a situation when the system does not let you update the progress from within received email.If they have licenses then they can simply log in, go to any work item, and see the full list of the notes they have posted.You can also use the Audit Trail app to see changes in % completion over time. But If you give an option to update progress, for any e-mail user, It would be good to have info about previous records.For example if you entered remaining effort 10 days, the due date for that specific task is adjusted accordingly.If there is more than one resource assigned on a task, then all resources are sent a Progress Report.Thereafter the updated information is entered to the system and the respective project is updated accordingly.

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