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The reason for using a macro file is that USB host programs such as Pronterface normally convert characters to uppercase when sending commands, which is likely to make it impossible to send your network password correctly.

You can optionally specify a static IP address by adding parameter to the M587 command.

I am totally LOST with this page and how to do what.

I have done a fw upgarde but because of problems i get all the time and nothing seems to work i decided to downgrade.

If you install incompatible main firmware (Duet2Combined or Duet Wi Fi Firmware.bin) and Wi Fi server (Duet Wi Fi Server.bin) versions, then you will not be able to connect over Wi Fi, and when the Wi Fi module is enabled you might not be able to communicate via USB either. This should really be split into a “Just brought a new system” and “upgrading an old system” page.

Its really difficult to work out that all you want new users to do is go to a specific webpage (not “check here if you have the right firmware” - “download firmware from here”) extract two zips, locate three file (incidentally the Duet Web Control is currently AWOL and both zips have web pages of 404 errors), upload them in any order and then execute a M997 S0:1:2 command.

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