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DAX enables data modeling and reporting activities to be handled in an effective way.

However, this requires updating the data in the Data Model from time to time so as to reflect the current data.

I also changed it to allow for multiple connections without having to specify the names. I think there is a simpler way to make excel wait till the refresh is done, without having to set the Background Query property to False. Excel 2010 (and later) has this method called Calculate Until Async Queries Done and all you have to do it call it after you have called the Refresh All method.

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This option is handy if you are getting data from relational databases that contain live sales information or data feeds that are updated several times a day.

You can update the data in the Data Model in the following ways − In addition to getting updated data from an existing source, you will need to refresh data in your workbook whenever you make changes to the schema of the source data.

You can refresh all data, which is the default, or you can manually choose the tables and columns to refresh for individual data sources.

If you have published your workbook to a Power Pivot Gallery or Share Point site that supports Power Pivot, you or the Share Point administrator can create a schedule for automatically updating the data in the workbook.

To change the data in your Data Model, you can edit the connection information or update the definition of the tables and columns used in your Data Model in the Power Pivot window.

You can make the following changes to the existing data sources − You can modify the connection that you have created to an external data source by changing the external data source used by the current connection. Depending on the type of the data source you are changing, the provider might be different.In such a case, you can schedule unattended data refresh on the server.You can manually refresh your data any time, if you need to update the data from an existing data source or get the recent data for designing new DAX formulas.The operation of loading new or updated data into the Data Model often triggers recalculation of DAX formulas, both of which might require some time to complete.Hence, you should be aware of the potential impact before you change data sources or refresh the data that is obtained from the data source.With background refresh disabled, your VBA procedure will wait for your external data to refresh before moving to the next line of code.

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