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So there is a place for a special component - a Controller, which interacts with the user and contains a sort of the business logic: Controller is a class.It holds all the aspects of user interaction mostly regarding ONE type of business entity.For example: If we need to display a list of users the controller: are created and stored in the List or Dictionary.

Controller should not have a user interface code or HTML markup.

It is a good practice to avoid the SQL in the controller too.

Usual application has a set of Business objects to work with the database.

This set of classes composes a broader meaning of Model or Data Model.

A sample of application is here How many companies are still extensively using ASP this days and why?

Typically the case is a company with huge ASP system in the core and few developers who know the system from it’s childhood.

The IIS internal process locates the folder and file and executes it. Why should you care to have Controllers in your code?

I may say that it is a significant part of the MVC concept, but these words mean nothing. It’s rare, but suppose you a document to develop a part of some system: Where are you going to store the code for this logic?

Controller should handle user input, query and update the object model and prepare the data to be displayed.

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