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Installing and updating software is easy in Mandriva Linux (aka Mandrake Linux).Often trying to install new software or updating already installed software in GNU-based Linux systems can be difficult and a real pain in the butt.Actually, this system was still running Mandriva 2008.1 with KDE 3.5. I consider KDE to be less stable than GNOME in general and I’ve heard all too often “feature X will only be done in next KDE 4.x release”, that it’s becoming annoying (e.g.

They are part of the Mandriva Control Center (MCC) and are located in the Software Management tab of the MCC. The Software Management tab in the Mandriva Control Center is one reason we rate Mandriva Linux as a good desktop Linux.

For more about our rating Mandriva as a good desktop Linux, please see the articles in our In Pursuit of Good Desktop Linux series, Network Neighbor-hood and MS Windows Partitions and Ease of Use and Ease of Migration Overview -- KDE, GNOME, and MS Windows Desktops.

The most annoying thing I’m seeing here, is that the second display is not switched off automatically if it’s disconnected while the machine is suspended and I have my serious doubts this will be fixed soon because Xorg’s bugzilla seems like a blackhole to me…

Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to switch it off by hand by using GNOME’s screen resolution applet.

We used the Mandriva Media Manager to add a Mandriva FTP mirror site to places where the Software Packages Installation module looks for available software packages.

That opens access to nearly all the software that Mandriva has packaged for its Linux distribution, which is much more than the software included in the installation CDs or DVD.

The two main workhorses of the Software Management tab are the Install Software and Remove Software modules.

Actually, the Remove Software module ought to be named List and Remove Installed Software to better encapsulate the functions of this module.

A big problem with trying to install software on a GNU-based Linux system has to do with something called dependencies.

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