Updating metal kitchen cabinets dating service for men

One of our grab bars was separating a bit from the door, leaving a gap that paint couldn’t fill.

updating metal kitchen cabinets-50

You can see the obvious difference in texture here.

You may want to caulk between the wooden grab bar and the melamine door for a more seamless finish.

But what about the hooked part of the grab bar, and the thin cabinet frame?

A regular brush slops too much paint in these areas, leaving big blobs that need to be sanded down.

If you’re planning to keep these cabinets around for the long term, using wood grain filler to even out the texture will make a more flawless finish.

We only plan to keep these cabinets for another year or two, so I skipped this step.

The trademark of these 80s kitchen cabinets is the oak grab bar.

But when you paint the grab bar on a flat surface, a lot of that paint is going to drip down before it has a chance to set. Instead, paint the hook first, then move on to the rest of the door. First, it removes the pooled paint before it hardens and makes a big blob inside the grab bar.

Of course, you should use a high quality brush for the flat parts of the cabinets.

You can even get away with a roller if you don’t plan on using the decorative glaze included in the kit.

Half the can was gone and I hadn’t even started on the doors!

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