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The Dickson Dam that creates the Gleniffer Lake has been there for years and years.

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Ken, if my memory serves me correctly, several years ago even Microsoft used DMTI as one of its map data providers for Streets & Trips.

Unfortunately last few versions of S&T have no longer incorporated any data by DMTI Spatial. And you are absolutely correct, Ken, you can find many examples of smaller remote towns in Canada for example missing street names completely, yet Garmin products, which do use DMTI (or Navteq & DMTI), do have street names for all these smaller towns. I have had feedback from American users of map products based on the Navteq data that indicates exactly the same problems exist in the US portion of the "North American" map products.

But it's also many years older than the Navteq product in S&T 2008.

Garmin has not issued an update to Metroguide Canada for at least four years. It's just to illustrate how poor the overall coverage of Navteq's "North American" product really is.

That is, once you get into areas away from major population centres the data gets increasingly poorer.

This is, for obvious reasons, more apparent in the west and southwest. I assure you that the problem is not limited to "smaller remote" towns.

Ken, you mentioned the Canadian Metro Guide hasn't been updated in years.

Why not buy a new City Navigator North America 2008?

DMTI is another company that, like Navteq and Tele Atlas, compiles maps for various industries.

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