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Payment may be left entirely up to the goodwill of the customer (donationware), or be optional with an occasional reminder (nagware), or the software may be designed to stop working after a trial period unless the user pays a license fee (trialware or demoware), or be crippled so that key features don't work.

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The sponsor is often paying per click, per view or as a Subscription model The commission model is similar to the markup model as it is used when a business charges a fee for a transaction that it mediates between two parties.

Brokerage companies or auction companies often use it as they provide a service as intermediaries and generate revenue through commissions on the sales of either stock or products.

An example would be a company that produces paper, who then sells it to either the direct public or to other businesses, who pay for the paper, thus generating revenue for the paper company.

Manufacturing is the production of merchandise using labour, materials, and equipment, resulting in finished goods.

Revenue is generated by selling the finished goods.

They may be sold to other manufacturers for the production of more complex products (such as aircraft, household appliances or automobiles), or sold to wholesalers, who in turn sell them to retailers, who then sell them to end users and consumers.With the licensing model, the business that owns a particular content retains copyright while selling licenses to third parties.Software publishers sell licenses to use their programs rather than straight-out sell copies of the program.In software, crippleware means that "vital features of the program such as printing or the ability to save files are disabled until the user purchases a registration key".This allows users to take a close look at the features of a program without being able to use it to generate output.Media companies also obtain their revenues in this manner, as do patent holders of particular technologies.

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