Updating modified wii frustrated with internet dating

Then don't do anything else if you don't want, or go ahead and enjoy all the benefits of having it modded.

Your home-brew channel will even still be there after the update, although you may need to reconfigure your wifi settings to work with wiimfi. I did and still am deeply researching on the Homebrew, it took me 1 month of intense reading on it just to feel okay with even installing only the HBC.

The problem is most articles don't really explain what is it from the inside, what happens in the code and where in the system code/firmware it makes the changes.

Could anyone with knowledge about the code behind the way the HBC installs to the system answer this? If so, does the update stub the IOS that holds the HBC?

Or, since the system was latest 4.3E in the time of the Letter Bomb install, maybe update won't do anything to the system? Your concerns about softmodding at this point likely come from a place of misunderstanding, and are completely unfounded.

What you're saying is like "I don't want to risk stepping on any Legos, so I'll only play with the red ones."It's like taking the red pill in the matrix, but saying you don't want to do any badass flips and/or slow motion kung fu.

First, do a bit of research, then keep your current homebrew channel installation, install the c IOS v10 r53 package and Install priiloader, along with the hacks_file, and disable both online updates and disc updates so it will never ask you to update.I am guessng that the exploit methods themselves (like Letter Bomb for instance) don't do anything permanent to the system other then opening it up.Most apps are on SD card so they probably don't do anything permanent neither. The thread and links from there are the most detailed and informative I have found so far, even though it is a bit hard to understand for me using Google translate.That there will always be traces of it left on the system.Now I don't know does this refer to the Boot Mii/Priiloader and similar installs, or only the HBC?I suggest you copy the backup files off the of the SD card onto your computer and upload them Dropbox or another backup solution. You can now do just about anything you want with it.

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