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The WHERE clause specifies which record(s) that should be updated.The UPDATE SET commands implicitly apply on the table specified by , and it is not possible to specify the table on the SET operation.

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Visit Stack Exchange Database Administrators Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for database professionals who wish to improve their database skills and learn from others in the community. Sign up to join this community CREATE TABLE one ( record_id SERIAL, one_first_var INTEGER, one_second_var INTEGER, one_third_var INTEGER ); INSERT INTO one (one_first_var, one_second_var, one_third_var) VALUES (1, 1, 1); INSERT INTO one (one_first_var, one_second_var, one_third_var) VALUES (2, 2, 2); INSERT INTO one (one_first_var, one_second_var, one_third_var) VALUES (3, 3, 3); CREATE TABLE two ( record_id SERIAL, two_first_var INTEGER, two_second_var INTEGER, two_third_var INTEGER ); INSERT INTO two (two_first_var, two_second_var, two_third_var) VALUES (21, 21, 21); INSERT INTO two (two_first_var, two_second_var, two_third_var) VALUES (22, 22, 22); INSERT INTO two (two_first_var, two_second_var, two_third_var) VALUES (23, 23, 23); WITH my_values AS ( SELECT one_first_var, one_second_var, one_third_var FROM one WHERE one_first_var = 2 ) UPDATE two SET two_first_var = my_values.one_first_var, two_second_var = my_values.one_second_var, two_third_var = my_values.one_third_var FROM my_values WHERE two_second_var = 22; UPDATE tgt SET Column1 = src.

Note: Applications is the name of table, this table has 4 fields Application ID, Application, Owner, Responsible The New Owner is the name of the textbox that I have created for the user to enter the new Owner.

I just want to update the Owner and Responsible fields Thanks Assuming Owner is a text field you will need the single quotes.

The "tiresome way" is standard SQL and how mainstream RDBMS do it.

With a 100 columns, you mostly likely have a design problem...

also, there are mitigating methods in client tools (eg generation UPDATE statements) or by using ORMs If you need to re-type this several times, you can do like I did once.

Get your columns` names into rows in excel sheet (write down at the end of each column name (=) which is easy in notepad ) on the right side make a column to copy and paste your value that will correspond to the new entries at each column.

Alternatively, the more commonly implemented SQL:92 standard syntax to do this would be: UPDATE t1 set DATA = derived1.

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