Updating old oak cabinets

One quart was enough to do our master bathroom and the 2nd small bathroom as well.We bought the cabinet hardware in bulk since used them for the kitchen and 2nd bathroom as well. Including the hardware, we spent less than 0 on the entire project and only had to buy one more can of stain to complete the 2nd bathroom and kitchen!I that balance and scale are a very important part of any design.

Just shake the can, stir the gel, dip your paintbrush in, and get to work.

We went with General Finishes Java Gel Stain in 1 qt.

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Also your posts regarding backsplashes not competing with granite were very helpful, hubby wanted accents and a pattern and I held out for a classic look and he is very glad we did. Thanks Beth for sharing your inspiring kitchen with us!

We painted the oak with BM Cabinet Coat in Timid White (after about 3 weeks of sanding) and ordered new doors as I felt the arch on the old ones, even when painted white, would still say “I’m a 1990’s kitchen painted white” and that wasn’t what I was going for!! If you would like your kitchen to fill you with happiness every time you walk in, contact me.

My hubby and I are so happy to be homeowners again! We’re talking beige laminate counters, flat white walls, and ugly oak cabinets. But remodeling costs a lot of money, and after purchasing this home, we didn’t have much to spare.

We certainly couldn’t afford to buy all new cabinets, so we decided to re-stain those oak cabinets ourselves.

I chose oversized knobs to balance the heaviness of the countertop.

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