Updating ole object msaccess

The situation may arise when you quickly need to secure and distribute a Microsoft Access database that also contains Microsoft Access VBA code.You will protect the database from editing by restricting the database users access to the design views, however you will need to allow the users to process their data as normal.

Hi Joanne, To place an Excel chart on an Access form and have the chart automatically change when the chart in Excel changes, do the following: 1.

Create an unbound object frame on the form sized to hold the Excel chart 2. Go to Access form, click on Edit in the menu at the top and click on Oaste Special 4. Select the chart on the form, open properties, click on the Format tab and set the size mode property to ...

Type Case db Byte, db Integer, db Long str Descrip = str Descrip & " Whole number." Case db Single, db Double str Descrip = str Descrip & " Fractional number." Case db Text str Descrip = str Descrip & " " & fld.

Default Value = vb Null String Case db Boolean Call Set Property DAO(fld, "Display Control", db Integer, _ CInt(ac Check Box)) End Select str Out = str Out & Mid(str In, lng Start, 1&) bool Was Space = False bool Was Upper = False End Select Next Convert Mixed Case = str Out End Function Function Set Field Description(tdf As DAO. Field, _ Optional By Val str Descrip As String, Optional str Err Msg As String) _ As Boolean Select Case fld. Create Property("Perform Name Auto Correct", db Long, 0) .

Private Const intc Index None As Integer = 0 Private Const intc Index General As Integer = 1 Private Const intc Index Unique As Integer = 3 Private Const intc Index Primary As Integer = 7 Function Create Table DAO() Dim db As DAO.

Size & "-char max." End Select Select Case Index On Field(tdf, fld) Case intc Index Primary str Descrip = str Descrip & " Required. Required Then str Descrip = str Descrip & " Required.

The resulting MDE file allows the database users to perform normal database operations, however it prohibits any changes from being made to the objects that support, or the code that runs the application.

Forms and Reports in an MDE File By converting your Microsoft Access database into an MDE file you will prevent your database users from tampering with your VBA code.

For example, if you call Delete on a row on the Data Set, then when Update is called on the Data Adapter, the Delete Command of the Data Adapter will be called using the particular row in the Data Set.

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