Updating paths is incompatible with switching branchesforcing jewish adult sex dating

You probably don’t care about these backward-incompatible changes.

In Git 2.0, Git will default to the more conservative 'simple' behavior, which only pushes the current branch to the corresponding remote branch that 'git pull' uses to update the current branch.

See 'git help config' and search for 'push.default' for further information. Use the similar mode 'current' instead of 'simple' if you sometimes use older versions of Git)When "git add -u" and "git add -A" are run inside a subdirectory without specifying which paths to add on the command line, they operate on the entire tree for consistency with "git commit -a" and other commands (these commands used to operate only on the current subdirectory).

The ‘simple’ configuration pushes a single branch instead, and it uses your configured upstream branch (see this post for a full explanation of the upstream branch), so if your current branch is ‘master’, and if ‘origin/master’ is the upstream of your ‘master’ branch, ‘git push’ will basically be the same as ‘‘ (the upstream branch can have a different name).

Note: If you are not familiar with the src:dst syntax; you can push a local branch ‘src’ and have the ‘dst’ name on the server, so you don’t need to rename a local branch, you can do ‘git push origin foobar:feature-a’, and your local branch “foobar” will be named “feature-a” on the server. However, if the current branch is ‘fix-1’ and the upstream is ‘origin/master’, ‘git push’ will complain that the name of the destination branch is not the same, because it doesn’t know if to do ‘‘ (‘fix-1’ being the name of the current branch). But perhaps the name is OK, because you can expect it to “simply work”.

Say you have modified two files, ‘README’ and ‘test/basic.t’, then you go to the ‘test’ directory, and run ‘‘, in pre-v2.0 only ‘test/basic.t’ will be staged, in post-v2.0 both files will be staged.

If you run the command in the top level directory, nothing changes.

If you haven’t seen the following warning while doing ‘warning: The behavior of 'git add --update (or -u)' with no path argument from a subdirectory of the tree will change in Git 2.0 and should not be used anymore.

To add content for the whole tree, run: git add --update :/ (or git add -u :/) To restrict the command to the current directory, run: git add --update .

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